Elect John Lovick - State Representative
Hard work has been John’s trademark. He's been a tireless advocate for making our community a better place. He has kept our families safe, been a rock in times of tragedy, and demonstrated the kind of leadership we expect from our elected officials while getting the results we demand from our government.

As a father and grandfather, John believes it is past time to fully fund basic education for our children. We can no longer kick the can down the road. Education is his top priority and John will focus on high academic standards that prepare kids with the skills they need to be successful in our new economy. 
Education is an important issue for him. His wife, Karen, is a retired teacher and two of his and are all teachers. Every week he volunteers at a local elementary school and reads to fourth graders. He knows the challenges educators and legislators face in making Washington’s education system one of the best in the world. Lovick is prepared to work tirelessly to ensure our children’s future.
Good Jobs with Benefits
As a community, John recognizes we cannot grow without creating and retaining good jobs with benefits in the 44th District for our citizens. Jobs create revenue that actively helps our community with schools, roads, vital services, and much more. When people are working, our community is better able to come together to move Washington forward. 
Public Safety and Transportation
John Lovick’s 36 years of law enforcement experience has helped to pass tough laws that crack down on sex offenders, car thieves, and drunk drivers. He knows our highways better than anyone and will fix the I-405 tolling mess and demand more accountability from the Department of Transportation. He will fight to get projects funded in our area and ensure that the economy and our lives are moving again.
Government Accountability
Lovick is committed to accountability on every level of government. Despite tough financial times, he demanded fiscal responsibility and balanced the budget without reductions to public safety. He'll insist on putting the state budget online so that taxpayers can see where every penny is spent and will work with both parties to solve problems.