Elect John Lovick - Snohomish County Executive

John Lovick
Snohomish County Executive (D)

Policy Maker
  • 9 years in State Legislature representing the 44 District, 5 years as Speaker Pro Tem.
  • Sponsored the Primary Seat Belt Law, which increased usage from 81 percent to more than 97 percent – saving countless lives.
  • Sponsored the nationally recognized Auto Theft Task Force, resulting in a significant reduction of auto thefts in Snohomish County and longer sentences for thieves.
Elected Leader
  • Elected Snohomish County Sheriff in 2007.
  • Successfully merged the Snohomish County Jail with the Sheriff’s Office, streamlining County resources and saving tax dollars.
  • Created and implemented the School Services Unit, which impacted more than 100 schools in Snohomish County, just three months after the tragedy at Newtown, responding to the communities’ overwhelming desire for a heightened police presence to safeguard our children.
  • Established the Snohomish County Gang Community Response Team.
  • Implemented countywide neighborhood watch crime prevention program.
  • Saved jobs, and maintained an exceptional level of law enforcement services by utilizing attrition and strategic replacement techniques throughout economic recession and severe budgetary reductions.
Public Servant

  • Sergeant, Washington State Patrol, 31 years of service Trooper of the Year in 1992.
  • United States Coast Guard, 13 years of honorable service.
  • Mill Creek City Council, 5 years of service, 1 year Mayor Pro tem.
Community Activism
  • Youth basketball, baseball and football coach.
  • Active school, church and community volunteer.
  • Proud resident of Snohomish County for 36 years.
  • Donated over 1000 deep-fried turkeys to Snohomish County and Statewide charitable organizations.
World’s proudest husband, father and grandfather.

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