Elect John Lovick - Snohomish County Executive
"Honorable, trustworthy, engaged.  John deeply cares about people's success and safety.  Snohomish County needs these qualities in our leadership now more than ever."  Mayor of Lynwood, Nicola Smith

A message from John:
I am honored to be your Snohomish County Executive and ask for your vote.  I will continue to work diligently for higher paying jobs and strong job markets, increased educational opportunities, and sensible fiscal management.  Together we can build strong and successful communities!
John's Goals for a Bright Future

Strengthening Job Opportunities
  • John is a dynamic champion for your job opportunities.
  • His leadership led to significant increases in jobs.
  • Our jobless rate is one of the lowest in the state!

Stabilize Fiscal Management to Save You Money
  • John brings a common sense approach to the County finances
  • He will fight for you to stop the County Council from cutting Public Safety.
  • John will strongly urge the County Council to pay fair wages to County staff.
  • He is fighting to prevent higher taxes and additional fees for parking at the new courthouse.

Successful Communities
  • Partnering with communities, schools, law enforcement and others to create a vibrant and thriving community.
  • John's leadership was critical in bringing over 120 agencies together to respond to the Oso landslide.
  • He put teams in Eastern Washington to assist with the devastating fires.
  • John will partner with law enforcement and communities to create safer schools.
  • He works for better services for seniors and veterans.

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